Slow Lane Life II

How we moved to the West Country and learned to slow down even more

A generous man


IMG_3194He shares everything with me. Now we can do stereo nose-blowing….

Author: rachel

I'm a retired, downsized, 60-something who moved from the chilly North East to the wet South West with a heap of dogs and cats. I live in an ancient cottage with them and The Gardener, and am happier here than I have ever been. I blog for fun, and rejoice in the wonderful connections blogging makes with other interesting people.

15 thoughts on “A generous man

  1. Oh no! A good gardener should keep his mulch to himself. Love and wishes for a speedy recovery to you both xx

  2. Drat. But at least you know the bugs came from a good home.
    Get well soon, Jx

  3. Awww, so romantic!
    (Get better soon!)

  4. Living with such a loving man I expect he couldn’t help himself and just had to share. Hope you are both better soon!

  5. But where’s the whisky to go with the lemon and honey? At least you might sleep well and made so with stereo snoring instead.

    Get well soon, whatever the remedy.

    • Colleen/Val: neither of us drink, but does that stop the stereo snoring? No……. The Gardener suggests we leave a recorder running during the night, then I could post a sound link for your amusement!

  6. Worried- stop-Can’t see Whisky ? -stop-Telegraph if emergency supplies are needed-stop-Get well soon!-stop

  7. I wondered how long it would be before he shared that cold with you. Speedy recovery to the pair of you.

  8. Missed your anniversary but want to say – awwwwww! Many happies. (And I hope the colds recede soon.)

  9. Oh no!! Hope you’re both feeling better very soon.

  10. Sharing can be taken to extremes! Hope you’re both on the mend! xo

  11. Nose blowing beats sniffing. I couldn’t bear sniffing, then I started working with teenagers. I think I just blank it out now! School life also improves one’s immune system by constant exposure to soap-dodgers.

  12. Oh dear – poor you! I am very grateful that Malcolm is rarely ill – I could count on one hand the times he has seen the doctor in the last 30 years!! I can recommend hot Ribena with a large spoonful of honey stirred into it – very comforting and soothing for a scratchy throat (and you can get sugar-free Ribena these days).

  13. Sweet! Hope you both feel much better very soon. What is it ‘they’ say? 3 days coming, 3 days with you, 3 days going . . .

  14. Hope you are both feeling better by now ? Missing your posts . X

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