Slow Lane Life II

How we moved to the West Country and learned to slow down even more

Warmest Christmas wishes


to you all, from us all.


Nearly Wettest Christmas Wishes, but not quite. This morning, we got up to find water rushing past the front porch where water shouldn’t be. The Council came and unblocked the brook where it ran under the road, thereby stopping it from running over the road and into our house.


And we were brought a heap of sandbags, just in case. As Inspector of Works, staying dry just inside the front door, Lottie is ensuring that they are properly in place. She is wearing her stern and disapproving face.

Indoors, we are ready. The Gardener’s lovely daughter stayed overnight; we exchanged gifts and enjoyed each other’s company.

My own Lovely Son and girlfriend are having Christmas on their own and will be here just after Boxing Day, so The Gardener and I are having our first Christmas together on our own too.

I hope your day will be filled with love and laughter, and all manner of good things, as I know mine will be.

Happy Christmas.


PS Millie and Florence send you Christmas smooches under the mistletoe.


Author: rachel

I'm a retired, downsized, 60-something who moved from the chilly North East to the wet South West with a heap of dogs and cats. I live in an ancient cottage with them and The Gardener, and am happier here than I have ever been. I blog for fun, and rejoice in the wonderful connections blogging makes with other interesting people.

17 thoughts on “Warmest Christmas wishes

  1. And very warm wishes to you, The Gardener and the loyal troops.
    Our wet season seems to have arrived and that makes us gardening folk very happy. Lunch will be next door, on a very broad deck with plenty of cover should it rain.
    Geiger is doing secretarial work as penance for her damage the other night (see blog), but the greetings are from us all.

  2. Have a wonderful time, warm and dry – apart from the odd glass or two, perhaps.

  3. Hope you all stay very warm and, most importantly, DRY.

  4. Outch Rachel! Hoping the wet season does not damp your festivities!
    Looking good Flossie and Millie! What we would do without our best friends?!
    Merry Christmas Folks!

  5. A Christmas a deux sounds lovely. Merry times to you both x

  6. Merry Christmas to you both, the dogs & the furries .. hope you stay dry!

  7. Have a wonderful time, all of you, from the three of us.
    (The choice of dog/cat was taken out of my hands a few months ago with the arrival of a tiny, hungry stray, who just kept coming back. Polly now has her paws firmly under the table, on the sofa, my lap, everywhere really! )

  8. All the very best to your menage – hope you keep dry too.

  9. So happy you are so happy.

    That’s what it’s all about.

    I’m just off work, off to a bath then off to Mr. Baby’s.

    xo Jane

  10. Just love that last photo!
    Keep dry Rachel, and have a lovely day. Jx

  11. I’m glad you didn’t get flooded. Happy Christmas to you!



  12. Oh! Happy, merry everything! 😛

    You apparently own innumerable objets d’art and you display them spectacularly.


  14. I hope the rest of Christmas stays warm , festive , jolly and dry . Have a wonderful time !!

  15. I’m late sorry…but A very Merry Christmas !!!!!

  16. oh that doggy under the mistletoe!! who could resist!

    Leanne x

  17. So sorry that I missed it but you had a lovely time anyway. Happy New Year instead.

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