Slow Lane Life II

How we moved to the West Country and learned to slow down even more


Just for now

I receive these phone photos ¬†from my son via WhatsApp so that’s all I have to go on until we visit later this month. But once The Gardener/Photographer and I get there – you wait!IMG_0348

This one was entitled “Yoda”. Hmmmm.

(Other things are happening in our lives, but nothing as exciting as this little chap!)


So tiring…..


DSCF1863…being a new baby.

DSCF1817…being the parents of a new baby.

IMG_3605..being the Grandma of a new baby.

And it’s absolutely wonderful too.

In case you’re wondering: the new baby’s Grandpa had to go home without me; we had intended a brief introductory visit to baby and parents in hospital, but they were discharged that day, so we waited for them in their home. And of course, I was persuaded* to stay on for three nights, while The poor Gardener had to get the bus/train/Tube x 3/train back to the waiting animals on his own.DSCF1871

*persuaded is a relative term. Today I had to be torn away from Baby E to come home myself, for a change of clothes and a night not spent on a sofa. Strange how quickly one starts to really miss a little person who was only introduced four days ago.


No news is….

….no news. Baby E’s journey into this world started at 5 a.m. yesterday. but so far, no sign of him. His tired parents are calm.

Meantime, being visitor-less, we tidy, we clean, we change beds, we prune, cut back and sweep, we paint and potter, and we try not to fret. Babies come in their own time, at their own pace.

It’s spider time here. Lots of tiny ones, big fat garden ones, and sink lurkers to be rescued.

IMG_8384 IMG_8385

Not as appealing as a photo of a new born baby, I know. Soon, soon.


Being patient

Is it me, or does pregnancy last much, much longer these days than it did in my day?

I’m sure this one has gone on for years.

Officially, little grandson is due tomorrow, but his mother is more than ready now to welcome him into the world. Or maybe that was two weeks ago that she was more than ready?

Meantime, we check phone messages obsessively, and we wait.



Thank goodness for the distraction of lovely visitors who give us reasons to go out and about, visiting beautiful places, ancient houses and – of course – tea rooms. First, old friends from Northumberland, whom we took to Cothay Manor, probably so wondrously preserved because it is well-nigh impossible to find, then Shelagh from Canada, whose Must Do list is being ticked off most satisfactorily.

DSCF1739 DSCF1748 DSCF1743 DSCF1790

Devon (that delightful hotel¬†once found accidentally on a cold, dark, wet day, and just as welcoming in sunshine last week), Cornish pasties, clotted cream fudge, and shepherd’s pie, mediaeval Dunster, Budleigh Salterton, with Glastonbury, Wells, and Bath still to come.

Back soon, with good news, I hope.


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